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Psych.E.In. Project.

Psychological Early Intervention

Psych.E.In. Project


The pandemic of 2020 due to Covid-19 is stressing the crucial competences of sanitary staff and rescuers involved in emergency psychology interventions. To deal with the humanitarian emergency is a new community priority to face. An answer is improving a European systematic VET education within the framework of Psychological Early Intervention to strengthen accessibility and expertise in the field, which can increase the professionalism of care provided by psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. Psychological Early Intervention helps people involved in a humanitarian emergency to stimulate their coping and inner resources as well as those of their close circle. It is direct to individual, social and professional targets, helping communities going back to normal after disasters or critical events.


The Psych.E.In. project aims at providing the target groups with:

  • the capacity to deal with the psychological impact of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies
  • relevant skills in the field of psychological early intervention

Target Groups

The project is addressed to:

  • psychologists
  • psychotherapists
  • psychoanalysts
  • VET trainers in the field