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EMDR Europe Association


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As announced during our last Board meeting, EMDR Europe Association will offer a special Consultants training for free that will take place on 2023. Please note that it will be reserved for new National Associations or for Associations that – for specific reasons that will have to be described – cannot access the Consultants trainings regularly run by Trainers.

To start the Consultants training participants must meet the following requirements:
– Have a minimum of one-year experience as an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner.

– Have completed a minimum of 400 EMDR sessions.

– Have treated a minimum number of 75 patients with EMDR since becoming an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner.

– Have treated a broad range of clients of varying diagnoses and complexity.

– Have undertaken a minimum of 30 hours EMDR Continuous Professional Development (CPD) since becoming an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner.

After the training, to become a Consultant, participants must:

– Demonstrate competency in the provision of EMDR clinical supervision/consultation (this will ordinarily be a minimum of 20 hours).

– Have a minimum of three years’ experience as an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner.

– Participate in regular clinical supervision of ongoing EMDR clinical work.

– Have a certificate of competency from undertaking an approved EMDR Europe Consultants training on behalf of EMDR National Organisations (This is waived since EMDR Europe will be organizing this specific training).

– Have submitted a minimum of three DVD or in-vivo sessions of an EMDR clinical session, an individual EMDR clinical Supervision session and of a Group EMDR Clinical Supervision.

Participants will have to send their application to Sofia Mariani at by November 30th, 2022. In addition, they will have to send a video of an EMDR clinical session (incomplete sessions will be accepted too) by January 30th, 2023.
Thank you,

Isabel Fernandez