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Guidelines for Accreditation as an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner

• Applicants must have completed EMDR Standard (7 days plus a total 10 hours clinical supervision) training by a recognised EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer
• Applicants seeking EMDR Europe Accreditation as a Practitioner must be members of their National EMDR Association
• Applicants seeking EMDR Europe Accreditation as a Practitioner must have a minimum of two years professional experience before they can become accredited by EMDR Europe
• The applicant has actively engaged in EMDR Clinical Supervision/ Consultation and demonstrated competency in all areas of Parts A, B & C of the EMDR Europe Practitioner Competency-Based Framework. It is estimated that this would require a minimum of 20 hours clinical supervision from an EMDR Europe Accredited Clinical Supervisor/ Consultant
• That the EMDR Clinical Supervisor/ Consultant, as the final signatory, has directly witnessed the applicants EMDR clinical work either through the use of video or In Vivo
The applicant has engaged in a minimum number of 50 EMDR sessions before seeking EMDR Europe Accreditation as a Practitioner
• The applicant has treated a minimum number of 25 clients with EMDR as an eight-phase psychological treatment intervention
• Special circumstances that may require flexibility around the number of clients can be considered by an EMDR National Accreditation Committees
• The applicant provides TWO references in support of their application - one MUST be provided by their EMDR Europe Accredited Clinical Supervisor/ Consultant, the second from a person who can comment upon the applicants professional practice and standing.
• The applicant is aware that the period of accreditation with EMDR Europe is for a period of 5-years before re-accreditation is required so as to maintain EMDR accreditation.

EMDR Europe Practice Committee
July 2019

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