The main purpose of the association is to promote the development and dissemination of the therapeutic approach through E.M.D.R. in Romania, as well as the coverage of the benefits of this approach in reducing posttraumatic psychological suffering and in interrupting the cycle of dysfunctional responses generated by psychological trauma.

The objectives of the association are:
- Establishing, promoting and maintaining quality standards in clinical practice, training and research activity in E.M.D.R. in Romania.
- Aligning these standards to international quality standards through collaboration with E.M.D.R. Europe.
- Establish and maintain relationships with other similar organizations in Europe and the world.
- Facilitate informing health care professionals about the E.M.D.R. and the scientific arguments that certify its effectiveness.
- Facilitate training programs, supported by certified international trainers in E.M.D.R.
- Initiation and participation in research programs on E.M.D.R. at national and international level.
- Mediation of information on E.M.D.R. and its use to the general public.
- Other activities corresponding to the purpose of the association

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