The members of the association have the following rights:

a). To elect and be elected in the governing structures of the association, according to the law.

b). To vote, by voting, to the draft decisions of the General Assembly.

c). To participate in the activity of achieving the purpose and objectives of the association.

d). To have access to all the media that will enter the association's patrimony, to documentation and consultancy in the field.

e). Be part of the working groups and delegations of the association, both in the country and abroad.

f). To benefit from the association's support in undertaking personal initiatives in the field.

g). To withdraw freely from the association.

h). Benefit from the facilities provided by the association for the benefit of members.

i). Let them freely express their wishes, make and sustain proposals on the activity of the association.

The members of the association have the following obligations:

a). Respect the association's statutes and regulations and the decisions of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

b). To pay in full and on time the membership fee.

c). To honor any convention agreed between him / her and the association.

d). To support the association's activity, moral and material.

e). To participate actively in achieving the objectives of the association.

f). Contribute to building members' database.

g). Notify any changes to personal data entered in the database.

h). Not to cause moral or material damage to the association or its members.

i). Inform the association about important personal projects and actions in the field.

The sanctions apply for disciplinary misconduct or the Code of Ethics, by decisions of the Board of Directors, as follows:

- reprimand;

- advertisment;

- Suspension;

- exclusion

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