Practitioner - requirements

The central component of the competency based framework for EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioners is that of the EMDR protocol. EMDR Clinicians need to demonstrate their competency in each of the eight phases of EMDR. Please note however that Competency can only be assessed and determined by an EMDR Europe Consultant. In addition the clinician seeking accreditation as an EMDR Europe Practitioner must meet the following requirements:

·         Completed a recognised EMDR Europe training

·         Completed a minimum of 50 EMDR sessions

·         Treated a minimum number of 25 clients

·         Undertaken a minimum of 20 hours consultation/ clinical supervision with an EMDR Europe Consultant which includes witnessing the applicants EMDR clinical work either through DVD or in-vivo

·         Supplied two references, one from the EMDR Europe Consultant and the second from a person who can comment about the applicants professional practice & standing

·         That the applicant is a member of their national EMDR association
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