Training Level I Children





Specification regarding the training in EMDR children

This training follows EMDR Europe training standards and is an event co-sponsored by the European EMDR Association.


The basic requirements for this are:
- Participants must be clinicians and / or therapists working in their practice with children and adolescents.
- The participants have the basic training in EMDR according to the European training standards.


In order to enroll in level 1 EMDR children it is necessary to complete the level 1 general EMDR, and to enroll in level 2 it is necessary to complete both training levels (level 1 + level 2) in EMDR.


The first training in EMDR children in Romania will take place:

04.07.2020- 05.07.2020 - Level 1 EMDR Children, Cristina Cortes, Timișoara
18.09.2020- 20.09.2020 - Level 2 EMDR Children, Cristina Cortes, Timișoara


For more information on training EMDR children, you can contact us at the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cristina Cortes Viniegra is an EMDR Europe accredited trainer, psychologist, psychotherapist with training in sensory-motor therapy, psycho-traumatology, perinatal psychology.

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